Night flight approved!

Atlanta at night

Photography - by drone, camera, cell phone, or any other means, requires one major thing - light. Sometimes a lot of light, sometimes a little, but when it’s broad daylight outside, your options for “playing with light” are somewhat limited.

There’s a lot of it, sometimes too much, and you have to control for that as a photographer.

At night though, is when things get really fun. In most places, there isn’t a lot of light at night, so you have to get creative about how much light you can get into the camera, how sensitive the camera is to light; and it gives you the opportunity to use the light you have in creative ways.

That’s why when we received our Part 107 waiver to fly our drones at night - something that was not really possible under the old legal framework - I was EXCITED!

Long-exposure photography has always been a hobby of mine, and I jumped at the chance to get some light trails of cars zipping by on the highway.

The City of Atlanta really lights up at night - from the tower atop the Biltmore to the color-changing “V” on Centennial Tower, and of course, the ferris wheel near Centennial Park.

What better time to get some awesome shots of these Atlanta landmarks than at night, when their LED lights are shining bright.

I was even more elated when we were asked to film almost every single Atlanta landmark at night for The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 9. It gave us a chance to really get our feet wet with some cool nighttime flights.

We are so lucky to be among the 200 or so companies in the entire country given the permission to fly at night, and we’d love to be able to help create something amazing for your needs with creative use of light.

If you’re looking for a drone company to film for your movie, TV show, commercial, real estate video or anything else you’d want to see from the sky at night - look no further - Atlanta Drone Groups’ certified pilots can now take to the skies 24 hours a day!

Editor’s note: Special thanks to our pilot Jake Meslo for putting this awesome nighttime reel together for us!

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