A drone's new enemy?

You are a police officer placed on surveillance of a large concert. Your commanding officer tells you to make sure there are no drones flying above the crowd because they are a liability risk. On your patrol. you see a drone rise above the crowd. What are your options? Shoot it down? This will only scare the people and most likely send shrapnel plummeting into the crowd. Perhaps you could tussle through the audience in hopes to find the operator? This could take forever and the drone itself could be operating autonomously without an operator. Well, According the Dutch Police Department, there is a new way to patrol the sky. They have allegedly succeeded in integrating birds of prey into their arsenal of weapons. Taught by a professional bird trainer, Hunter the bald eagle has become the first drone hunting bird. It's a rather medieval solution to a 21st century problem. But, as of now, it looks like one of the best viable options out there!

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