When disaster strikes, national news agencies such as The Weather Channel and CBS News deploy Atlanta Drone Rapid Response teams to warn millions in the path of danger and motivate them to make life-saving decisions.

Founded by Emmy-Award-nominated, former CNN producer Matt Sloane, Atlanta Drone has pioneered the adoption of UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems, aka drones) in the field of live, broadcast news. 

Empowering news agencies nationwide with technology
that engages, captivates, and saves lives
Don't just tell the story.
Make the audience live it.

Our industry-leading pilots and precision aerial cameras can provide you with dynamic, engaging shots from unconventional vantage points.


Don't just bring your audience to the scene - immerse them into it with visceral imagery impossible to achieve with other methods.

Safely go where no human camera
operator should ever go.

Get the shots that used to be impossible - without putting your crew or the community in harm's way.

Drones can fly lower, closer, and at far lower cost than a traditional helicopter unit - while providing superior footage that is more stable than a gimbal-mounted camera on a manned aircraft.

A few of our clients

weather channel live drone broadcast
cbs news live drone shots
cnn drone team
espn aerial video
nbc aerial video uav

...and many more

national and

local agencies

Benefits &
Safety above all
houston hurricane harvey aerial photo
FAA airspace map
  • Weatherproofed, medium to heavy lift UAVs

  • 4k streaming

  • 360 cameras for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)

  • 180X zoom

  • Upward-facing gimbals

  • FLIR thermal cameras

  • LiveU and HD streaming from the field

  • LIDAR for CGI and 3D modeling

  • Tethered drones for virtually unlimited flight time

  • Manned helicopters and fixed wing aircraft for more complex shots and/or restricted airspace

  • More FAA Waivers near more airports, in some of the country's most complicated airspace. No waiting for FAA approval or depending on LAANC.

  • Part 107 and Part 61 manned aircraft pilots well-versed in airspace and aircraft-to-aircraft radio communications.

  • ADS-B at each and every job to monitor local air traffic.

  • Minimum of $5 million in insurance at each shoot.

  • Expertly-trained with thousands of hours of manned and unmanned operations.

An unmanned aviation unit.
Anywhere in the country, any time.
Three easy options:
hurricane harvey dji m210 floods
drone rescue
faa part 107 training


1. Per event
2. Annual subscription
3. We set up your in-house
drone program.


  • An elite Rapid Response Team from our 50-state pilot network on scene at a moment's notice.

  • Direct satellite truck plug-in or free-roaming with LiveU for live shots anywhere, any time.

  • All-inclusive daily rates

  • A complete, experienced unmanned aviation unit at your disposal 24/7/365.

  • Always the latest equipment - a UAV program guaranteed to never become obsolete.

  • Our FAA CFIs, international news consultants, and expert pilots train your team to fly

  • Part 107 certification training

  • FAA consulting

  • Territory airspace analysis

  • SOP development

  • Equipment consulting and sales

  • Everything else you need for a safe and legal in-house drone program

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.